15 Mar. 2021

Drawing the line: Introduction to the series

Too much of anything is bad, as is too little of something.

Too many calories make you obese and too little leaves you malnourished.

Too much studying makes you dull and too little, well we all know what happens when you barely study!

Too much thinking makes you tensed and stressed out and too little makes you impulsive and reckless.

The old proverb of excess of everything is bad imparts us with the knowledge and lesson of doing things in moderation.

So why is it important to do things with a certain amount of restraint and not in extremities?

To know when something turns into excess is not always easy. This is because things are not always black and white, there are a multitude of shades in between. So, what do you do when you have to make decisions while staying in the grey area?

Staying in between or finding the middle ground is always a struggle, but it doesn’t always have to be a battle.

On subjects you have less knowledge on, educate yourself. Be more aware of what happens around you. Knowledge is power. That power gives us the wisdom; wisdom to choose to find our own middle grounds.

Adolescents and their parents grapple with several issues. While the former struggles with finding who they are, the latter struggles with who their children are becoming and keeping up with those changes.

Some of these changes that both parents and their children are adjusting to today, include- using technology (social media); finding the balance between home-cooked and fast-food experiences; being in a constant state of discomfort and anxiety.

And in such a fast-paced world parents struggle to find their own grounding. To find their anchors and trust their children to know better and do better.

Stay tuned with us to know the fine line between using technology and abusing it; when does one become dependent on foods that are unhealthy; when does eustress turn into ugly-headed monstrous distress and how does protecting your child turn into coddling and helicoptering them.

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