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MATE is a holistic wellness program which is designed to empower young minds by helping them understand their bodies, minds, and interaction between the two; identify their beliefs, values, and help them make sense of the world in a coherent way to build a positive outlook towards life. We stand by a bio-psycho-socio-cultural and spiritual model in order to create an all-encompassing constructive environment for the growth of resilient beings, who can cope with the normal as well as abnormal stressors of life.

MATE is a research cum service, wherein, we are constantly moving back and forth as we research and construct and thereafter reconstruct based on feedback, the program, in order to create an exceptional one for the adolescent population, which is likely to benefit the generations to come.

About MATE
What we do MATE

what we Do

We are working towards developing a module that caters to the holistic growth of our adolescent population. Our model focuses on the biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of the individual. We facilitate the same using alluring audio visual material so as to make the process of learning interesting and engaging. Our facilitators engage the participants throughout this process and enable them to develop self awareness through our workshops. We believe in building a positive outlook towards life with the aim of developing resilience amongst the adolescent population.

We at Project MATE work relentlessly to create a series of face to face workshops for the students, teachers and parents; aimed at instilling the intrinsic magic within them to be their own guiding light. We work in close tandem with parents, teachers and counselors through our bonus workshops as we believe that without their participation, our aim of bringing about an overarching change within the ecosystem of the students, shall not be achieved. We also hold continued web based interaction and support for the students, comprising engaging cognitive games, and quizzes that are likely to trickle their social and emotional brains.

how we Do

Journey Towards Building Resilience

Impact Model

Expected Outcome

Cognitive Flexibilities
Overall Well-Being & Functioning
Value System
Lifestyle & Learning
Sense Of Self
Social Engagement

Expected Outcome

Substance Abuse
Suicide & Self-Harming Behavior Frustration & Aggression Mental Health Issues

Expected Outcome



We intend to create a comprehensive and holistic wellness program for adolescents by thought-provoking and scientifically backed up audio-visual programs. The primary focus of the initiative is to enhance the resilience and cognitive flexibility of young students; and to better equip them at dealing with the usual and unusual challenges that life throws at them.



We visualize that beautiful young students of our Nation will be able to realize their uniqueness, become more self-aware and develop resilience to stressors- within and without leading to achievement of optimum physical, mental and spiritual health resulting in developing a compassionate society and Nation.



Motivation: We love what we do, and we believe that is our driving force for delivering our best output. Our work with students is an ongoing learning process which motivates us further to sow a seed of positivity and wellbeing

Acceptance: As a team we are accepting of each other and celebrate our individual differences. This practice of acceptance for all helps facilitate a closer and compassionate relationship. In our work, we accept the students for who they are, what they think and what they believe in. We believe that acceptance leads to the space for self growth and facilitates warmth in relationship with the self and the society at large.

Teamwork: Teamwork is the root from where we grow and it is not only limited within our organisation but extends towards our stakeholders too. Working together in coordination and with cooperation is something we aspire to do always. This helps add up everyone’s efforts so that they bring their best and that in itself creates magic.

Empathy: We uphold the value of empathy,  wherein we try and understand situations from the perspective of the one experiencing them. We believe that empathy facilitates humanity and we adopt an empathetic attitude within our team as well as in our interactions with students, so as to enable them to become sensitive and responsible individuals in future.

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